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  • 5 one-hour documentaries from the Between Civil War and Civil Rights series
  • A one-hour program on the role of the media in race relations, entitled Media & Myths
  • 68-page Race & Reconciliation discussion guide that includes classroom discussion questions; an historical timeline; context for the historic events covered in the documentaries; a bibliography and much more.



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Listening Between the Lines Inc,
1001 E Crawford Street
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Dear Educator, Librarian, Civil Rights Activist,
Community Leader:

Listening Between the Lines, Inc., an educational non-profit organization, is now offering Race With History© as a resource for you to use in your work. This award-winning series of oral histories featuring the voices of James Earl Jones, Studs Terkel and many others, tells the little-known story of relations between African Americans and European Americans in the years from 1865 – 1954. These are the events that rarely (if ever) show up in U.S. history books. Click on Listen to Excerpts in the navigation bar on the left of this page. And learn about companion curriculum and discussion guides by clicking on Race & Reconciliation in the same place.

Proceeds from our sales will fund the development of companion programming covering other untold U.S. histories, including Arab, Asian, Mexican and Native American experiences in the history of this country.

I would be happy to discuss this exciting project with you, and also to process your order. We look forward to counting you among the many fans of Race With History© in the near future.

With best regards,

Alan Lipke



To order this and other programs in the series, call 1-800-481-8482.