A burning cabin near Rose, Florida, January 4, 1923.




Rosewood Reborn
[1923 and After]


Program Credits

Narrated by James Earl Jones

Written, produced and directed by Alan Lipke

Script Editor is Julie Drizin

Music and Sound Design by James Beckwith, Common Touch Music

Musical Performances by David DeBlois, Moses Williams, Ella Mae Wilson, Richard Williams and Lillie B. Williams, and John Hancock

Additional Voices include survivors Willie Evans and Arnett Turner Goins, witness Brooks Campbell, special hearing master Richard Hixson, James Tokley, Bill Gilmore, and Tom Stix

Special thanks to the Rosewood Family, Gary Moore, the Florida University System Investigative Team, the Seminole Tribune, the Florida State Archives, the Cedar Key Historical Society, the Florida Folklife Program, Box Snow & Others too numerous to name.

Special assistance from community radio stations WMNF-Tampa, WBAI-New York, and public radio station WUFT-Gainesville.  This program was originally distributed by Pacifica Radio.

Rosewood Reborn was made possible by grants from the Florida Humanities Council and The Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media. 











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